Alternative GERD Remedies

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Alternative Remedies

By Jim Notto


alternative GERD remediesNot yet realizing the significance of having begun to identify my triggers, I began trying every “alternative” remedy I could learn about. I would spend hours in health food stores, co-ops and nutrition specialty shops reading labels and literature and talking to the people who worked there and to other customers. I spent a lot of money on supplements and special foods, but to no avail.

Herbal remedies and dietary supplements did not work for me.

Over the course of several years I had spent hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars on supplements which were purported to help alleviate excess stomach acid, reflux or other GERD symptoms. I suppose some of these really do work for some people, but none of them had any long-term positive effect on my symptoms. In fact, a few of them seemed to make matters worse, and I added them to my list of personal triggers.

I also tried different dietary plans. These proved more effective, but the positive effects were short-lived or the diet itself was difficult to maintain, or too restrictive. A low-carbohydrate diet did provide me with relief for several months, but eventually my body seemed to adjust and the GERD symptoms returned. Low-fat and vegetarian diets were too difficult for me to adhere to. Eliminating all my trigger foods was simply a lesson in misery, as I enjoy so many of these.

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