Establishing My Criteria for a Solution to Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease

Establishing My Criteria for a Solution to Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease

The following is quoted from the seventh chapter of How I Learned to Manage GERD and Live Without Acid Reflux by Jim Notto. The first chapter can be found at Before trying these strategies, or any other method or technique, for managing GERD or any other disease you should consult with a qualified physician. See the Terms of Use + warnings, cautions and sound advice before proceeding.


Establishing My Criteria for a Solution

By Jim Notto

solving the GERD problemI knew I would have to find another solution; and that solution would have to meet certain criteria. First of all, the solution would need to be easy to practice – no will power required.

Second, whatever I did would need to fit into my schedule. I couldn’t afford to make significant time commitments or major schedule changes.

Third, the solution I found would have to cost little or nothing to practice or maintain; otherwise it would make more sense to simply stay on the medications and deal with the side effects while the insurance company picked up the tab for the prescriptions.

The next requirement was that any solution I found must work for me as I already am – not as I probably “should” be. I had already failed to lose weight or quit smoking. I could not reasonably expect to succeed if I were relying on making a major lifestyle change.

I determined that the answer to my distress should require no “faith” – I needed to be able to immediately verify that it was working in the “here and now”.

I also decided that it should allow me to eat the foods I enjoy because I’d really hate to give up my favorite foods forever.

Finally, I needed a solution that did not require any surgery.

These were my criteria for a solution to my suffering, and with those ideas firmly in mind I began my quest.

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