GERD is a Disease

The following is quoted from the ninth chapter of How I Learned to Manage GERD and Live Without Acid Reflux by Jim Notto. The first chapter can be found at Before trying these strategies, or any other method or technique, for managing GERD or any other disease you should consult with a qualified physician. See the Terms of Use + warnings, cautions and sound advice before proceeding.


GERD is a Disease

By Jim Notto

GERD is a diseaseGERD is a disease. Believe it or not, that was my first revelation. Being a disease meant that something was not functioning correctly and I would experience symptoms. It is the symptoms which caused my distress, namely the symptom of acid reflux, frequent and repetitive intense heartburn. I decided to pursue things from the direction of symptom relief and prevention, because it was those symptoms that were making my life miserable. I began to learn about GERD, how it occurs, and how it relates to acid reflux and heartburn.

Since GERD is a disease which can have some rather serious long-term consequences I was careful to discuss my plans with my physician. Knowing the difficulties I had been having with medications he was sympathetic, if not outright supportive, of my personal experiments. We continued to monitor the disease for any signs that I was causing real damage to my esophagus.

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