GERD Trigger Behaviors

The following is quoted from the tenth chapter of How I Learned to Manage GERD and Live Without Acid Reflux by Jim Notto. The first chapter can be found at Before trying these strategies, or any other method or technique, for managing GERD or any other disease you should consult with a qualified physician. See the Terms of Use + warnings, cautions and sound advice before proceeding.

Trigger Behaviors

By Jim Notto

GERD trigger behavior over-eatingThe second class of triggers I identified was that of behaviors. A behavior is simply anything that you do. I discovered that some behaviors could lead to, or intensify a flareup of acid reflux. Looking through my log of triggers it was easy for me to identify which behaviors affected me the most. Chief among these was the behavior of overeating. It made sense to me that when I stuffed as much as I could into my stomach I was putting my lower esophageal sphincter under great strain. Simply by eliminating this one behavior I made great strides toward some relief. It required a bit of retraining in order to not overeat but the effort resulted in immediate improvements to my well being.

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