GERD Trigger Foods

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Trigger Foods

By Jim Notto

GERD trigger food chileThe first class of triggers I identified is no secret to any GERD sufferer: food. There is an abundance of lists on the internet for anyone wanting to get an idea of what foods may trigger acid reflux. A search for “acid reflux foods” will bring up dozens of websites which discuss these foods. It is still interesting to me to learn that a food which is a horrific acid trigger for one person can barely register on the radar of another GERD sufferer. Although there are great similarities in which foods trigger reflux from one person to the next, there are also some great differences.

GERD trigger food tacoWhile published lists of offending foods were useful as a base guideline we are all unique individuals, and what is a terrible trigger food for me, may not be for you. My success in managing acid reflux was due in large part to actually making note of precisely which foods affected me the most, regardless of what others experienced.GERD trigger food pizza

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