In a nutshell: how to manage GERD and live without acid reflux or frequent heartburn

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How to manage GERD and live without acid reflux or frequent heartburn

By Jim Notto

how to manage GERD and live without acid refluxIn a nutshell I simply do two things: I avoid stacking triggers in ways that cause me to have acid reflux and I breathe healthy in order to strengthen my lower esophageal sphincter.

Learning my limitations is an ongoing process. In the last six years I have had to resort to over-the-counter medications a few of times because I pushed things too far or let stress get out of control. I have not had to get a prescription for any medication for GERD during this time. Compared to daily medication which did not always work and which gave me very undesirable side effects, my system for managing GERD has proven effective and empowering; and that’s understated.

I live with some triggers on a daily basis, but they are not causing any acid reflux. Although smoking cigarettes is a certain trigger, I continue to do so and it never results in acid reflux for me. I guess that’s because it is not one of my personal “big” triggers; or perhaps it’s because I keep the other triggers from stacking too much.

As time goes on I find I am able to experience more triggers at a time without getting acid reflux. It’s all about learning what my personal limitations are. With the guidelines I discovered, I find this easy to do.

GERD is a disease. I haven’t found any reliable “cure” and I don’t know that such a thing could exist. If GERD is solely the result of a compromised lower esophageal sphincter, then repairing the sphincter via surgery would be considered a cure. So would strengthening the sphincter to the point of reliably healthy functioning; so perhaps this does amount to a cure. I’ll let qualified physicians and clinicians decide that.

In any case, it is not the fact that I have GERD which is the problem. It is the dangers of acid reflux and what gastric juices can do to body tissue outside the stomach, and the pain it causes, that is the problem. I am living free of acid reflux on a regular basis. I have succeeded in finding my solution.

I sincerely hope you have enjoyed my story, and that you are able to use my experience to learn for yourself how to manage GERD and live without acid reflux.

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  1. Jim, is there any way I can print off your information? My niece does not have a computer but badly needs this info. I tried printing but got lots of “garbage”. I would gladly pay for a printed version, if you have any handy.

  2. I could not find specific information on what you do to eliminate GERD? I saw where it said breathing exercises and eliminating triggers but there was limited information and not specific enough to be helpful, I’m sure you have explained it somewhere more in detail, could you help me?


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