My name is Jim Notto. I suffered from GERD from my early teenage years until, in my forties, I was ready to do anything to find relief. Medications, dietary changes, nutritional supplements and “natural cures” all failed me. I needed to find a lasting solution, and that’s exactly what I did.

I created this blog to help GERD sufferers find hope, inspiration and knowledge that will lead to better health, lasting relief, and a more enjoyable life; and to share what I have discovered about GERD, frequent heartburn and acid reflux disease: knowledge and insights that have lead to lasting relief for me. It is my sincere hope that others will find this helpful and that perhaps you may join me in living free from the daily pain of this disease.

I put together the puzzle pieces of my personal solution several years ago, and other than infrequent, isolated relapses, I have been free of the hell-hound that is acid reflux. I had previously suffered the burn of acid reflux the better part of each day, every day when the disease had reached its worse. Life is better than I could have hoped for at that time. I hope that by telling you how I found my solution you may find your own.

And don’t worry that you may be worse off than I was (I had pillow cases with stains and holes in them from the gastric juices that spilled from my mouth and nostrils while I slept). I still have areas of my health that I am trying to improve; I smoke, I’m overweight and I don’t get enough exercise. I suffer from TMJ disorder (not so much now, but that’s another story), obstructive sleep apnea (I use a CPAP machine), bad teeth (from years of reflux?), and arthritis. My point in telling you this is that it doesn’t matter what else is going on with you; you can still work toward finding relief from the GERD. Who knows, maybe other areas of your life will improve as you move toward a healthier digestive system. That sure was the case for me.

I originally told the story of my recovery in a book titled How I Learned to Manage GERD and Live Without Acid Reflux. Now I have posted my methods here for anyone to learn. I invite you to give my methods a try and join me on the road to health and happiness! But first, please, read the warnings and cautions I have posted, and take them seriously.